1. Activities for kids during CoronaVirus

    30 Mar 2020
    It’s a crazy time that we are all living in right now, but being able to have your kids with you keeps your mind at ease to know that they are safe. However, they are also a distraction between you and your work. I’ve read and heard from parents that…

  2. A secret proposal

    11 Sep 2018
    I love LOVE. I especially love it when I can capture a couple’s true love first hand. Kelsey was in a big surprise when she and Logan went on a walk at Prospect Park one weekend. It was really sweet and I got to capture some of their engagement photos…

  3. A Moment With Baby Theo

    18 May 2017
    I got to hang out with Baby Theo for a minute while I was visiting Seattle. So much love for those little ears, fingers and toes. #straightouttamommy

  4. Halla&Tony + 1

    21 Feb 2017
    My dear friend Halla and her partner have recently announced they’re expecting a baby! Halla and I have been friends since college. Like most lifelong friends who met in college we spent tons of time together. Whether we spent time at each other’s apartments making dinners, throwing silly photo sessions…

  5. Artifact Valentine’s Day Photo Booth

    13 Feb 2017
    What a FUN day at the Artifact Valentine’s Day Photo Booth! I love it when the sun comes out, the people are out and about too! We had a great turn out at the photo booth. All the cupcakes were eaten and so much love was captured. I had a…