Halla&Tony + 1

My dear friend Halla and her partner have recently announced they’re expecting a baby! Halla and I have been friends since college. Like most lifelong friends who met in college we spent tons of time together. Whether we spent time at each other’s apartments making dinners, throwing silly photo sessions, or explored Portland on weekends, we’ve always stayed in close touch. 

One of my favorite things about Halla is her willingness to be silly and laugh at herself (and me), and I’m so glad she’d found the perfect partner who is able to share those laughters with her. For the baby announcement, we’d worked together to make sure their personalities and sense of humor came out in the photo.  It sure did! I’m beyond excited she’s going to be a mother and know she’s going to be a wonderful mother at it too! Here’s to many more sessions with Halla as the baby continues to grow inside of her!