Activities for kids during CoronaVirus

It’s a crazy time that we are all living in right now, but being able to have your kids with you keeps your mind at ease to know that they are safe. However, they are also a distraction between you and your work. I’ve read and heard from parents that scheduling your child(ren)’s day after the first 2 weeks may or may have not worked, but at least having the activities planned and prepared will make your lives a little easier?  Consistency and routine help kids learn most easily; they know what to expect. And don’t beat yourself up if they don’t feel like doing certain activities. They might be hungry, angry, tired, confused or missing their friends… just like us right now. You can give them a choice of activities that they can sit and do themselves or give them some space to breathe. Put some music on, dance and be silly with them. I’ve had years of experience being a preschool teacher and nanny, but juggling work and parenting at the same time is something I have yet to experience. So kudos to you! I hope these resources I’m sharing may help you in keeping yourself and your kids sane. 

Here are some activities for kids ranges from newborn to 6-year-olds on my Pinterest page. Have a look at the activities. I’ll continue to add more as well.

Also here are a few accounts that I follow on Instagram for activity and parenting inspirations:

P. S. I made this

The Workspace for Children

TechSavvy Mama

Jennie Mo from Mo’Mommies

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

Mommy Poppins

Stay home, safe and practice social distance.

xo, Nafisa