I’ve been thankful for having these past few weeks with my family. I got to go home for a few days for my younger sister, Liza-May’s high school graduation. Man. I feel old. To see my baby sister grow into this person of such confidence and beauty going into her next step of life. Proud of her. It was great to hang out with my parents, who must have felt the same way about their 5 daughters. I know they wished we could be with them longer, but they have taught us so much to be independent and to follow our dreams. And that’s what we were all doing. 

It was also nice to see friends who have been a part of my family’s life in Bandon since the beginning of their lives here in the United States. It wasn’t easy for my Mom and Dad to take care of the little rascals straight from Singapore and not having any friends here, but hats off to them for raising my two younger sisters. I mean they still could be a little nicer to their older sisters. Just saying. :)