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  1. Introducing Randi…

    2015-05-01 14:00:00 UTC

    As the Comptoir Des Cottonniers’s ambassador. Comptoir’s spring dresses and prints are so beautiful. I’m fortunate enough to photograph Randi in her favorite picks from the brand and to get to know more about the lady behind BeyondMom’s community. And what a beautiful day to be walking around the Chelsea…

  2. Nazya @ Dumbo, Brooklyn

    2014-12-08 17:21:27 UTC

    A day of new explorations at Dumbo, Brooklyn with my friend Nazya. Shot different poses, followed natural lights and shadows, made use of the interesting backgrounds, composed shots in different angles and played around with post edits. Learning and taking in comments. Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY. Camera: Nikon D60.

  3. A Moment of Partner Project

    2014-12-03 19:04:00 UTC

    This project is one that I’d initially started for my final Portraiture photography course. It was fun photographing my friends who are currently married, engaged or dating. I’d told them that they were required to dress up as their significant other. And while I was photographing them, I’d also tried…