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  1. Ricky Valet

    2014-12-16 05:22:51 UTC

    Shot a couple friendly musicians from California visiting NYC. They’d just wanted some head shots for the band. So we made our shoot into a Brooklyn exploration session. Amazing day for it! Talent: Ricky Valet (Please check them out.)Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.Camera: Canon EOS 6D.

  2. Anna and Family

    2014-12-16 04:48:00 UTC

    Anna and her family were so fun to shoot with! Even though the kiddos were not feeling too good the night before, by the time I came by in the afternoon they were all smiles (well little lady gave me some frowns back and forth), but such great energy when…

  3. Nazya @ Dumbo, Brooklyn

    2014-12-08 17:21:27 UTC

    A day of new explorations at Dumbo, Brooklyn with my friend Nazya. Shot different poses, followed natural lights and shadows, made use of the interesting backgrounds, composed shots in different angles and played around with post edits. Learning and taking in comments. Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY. Camera: Nikon D60.