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  1. A secret proposal

    2018-09-11 19:41:00 UTC

    I love LOVE. I especially love it when I can capture a couple’s true love first hand. Kelsey was in a big surprise when she and Logan went on a walk at Prospect Park one weekend. It was really sweet and I got to capture some of their engagement photos…

  2. A Moment With Baby Theo

    2017-05-18 03:05:00 UTC

    I got to hang out with Baby Theo for a minute while I was visiting Seattle. So much love for those little ears, fingers and toes. #straightouttamommy

  3. Artifact Valentine’s Day Photo Booth

    2017-02-13 06:04:00 UTC

    What a FUN day at the Artifact Valentine’s Day Photo Booth! I love it when the sun comes out, the people are out and about too! We had a great turn out at the photo booth. All the cupcakes were eaten and so much love was captured. I had a…

  4. Valentine’s Day at Artifact!

    2017-01-23 20:01:00 UTC

    I’ve been back in Portland officially for about 6 months now, and I’m trying to be more engaged in the community with my photography. And what a special way to do it by taking some photos on the weekend before Valentine’s Day at Artifact: Creative Recycle, where you can get…

  5. Tes Tes baby!

    2015-06-25 17:29:00 UTC

    I’d recently came back from visiting my family in Oregon for my younger sister high school graduation. And I’d managed to squeeze in a family shoot for my favorite long time couple who recently had a baby! She is the cutest! You really can’t have a bad photo with Tes. …